[Homeroast] [homeroast] What did you roast for Thanksgiving ?

peter peter at midwestbicycleworks.com
Tue Nov 22 18:00:42 CST 2011

Well, I wish I had roasted something for Thanksgiving Day.  Instead I will have spent it traveling back home to IN, since I'm here in Marin County since a week ago and have been spending it with my X and my son.  Has been fun, but really miss my coffee.  I had roasted some Monkey Blend and was really happy with how it came out, thank you Tom and everybody else at Sweet Marias.  I am very thankful for all of the amazing coffees you procure and blend.


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Roasted about a pounds worth of Papua New Guinea. My brother who got me into roasting will be home for Thanksgiving so we'll get to chat and talk coffee over the holiday.
Michael B
Bham Al 
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Edward Bourgeois <edbourgeois at gmail.com> wrote:

>The New Guatemala Rosma and San Diego dynamic duo and the Hondurous
>Ovidio coe incredible sweet graham cracker and chocolate looooooong
>aftertaste and some El Salvador matalapa peaberry classic. Will brew
>and pull shots with the Cremina. Thanks Tom! for this great set of
>Everybody have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
>Ed Bourgeois
>Amherst MA.
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