[Homeroast] More on Virtuoso - Preciso - beans stopping grinder?

Greg Hollrigel ghollrigel at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 17:25:19 CST 2011

Since I see the thread on Baratza grinders, I thought I would present my

I recently got some beans from Compass Coffee (Delirium and Handlebar) and
pulled fantastic shots.  Everything was great with those beans, and they go
up on the top of my list as favorite beans for espresso.  I ground them
with my Virtuoso Preciso, a setting around 10, which will make sense in
view of my problem below.

More recently, I picked up a bag of beans from a well known San Francisco
roasting company.  I've been dosing between 18-19g of beans for a double
shot.  I tried grinding at 10 on the grinder, and the shot just ran
through.  So I tightened it down to 7 and then 6, and still, the shots were
running fast.  Then, I took the dial down to about 1-2, which is close to
the tightest, and with the beans in the hopper, the grinder started and
then stopped completely.  There was no rock.  I removed the beans, and was
able to get the grinder working again.  I was afraid of breaking the
grinder since I've burned through a gear already with an earlier grinder.

I shifted the beans to my Zass hand grinder, and can pull great shots.

Can anyone provide any insight why I can't get the grind tight enough with
these beans, and when I take it to the finest settings, the grinder just
stops?  It seems crazy to me that I can't dial in the shot just for these
particular beans.  I think they are roasted more lightly than the Compass
Coffee beans and my home roast.  Could this do it?

Any helpful hints would be much appreciated.



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