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Doug Grove dgrove.wa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 15:53:39 CST 2011

I've successfully used Dawn Power Dissolver on the inside of the chamber
before.  After years of roasting with the behmor, the chamber built up a
patina that simple green, even in concentrated form, could do nothing to.

Power dissolver took it all off.

The Behmor reps say not to use it, but nothing else I tried did anything, so
I used it and it worked.  This was at least 6 months ago, and have yet to see
any ill affects of using it.


On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 12:52 PM, Ken Schillinger <Ken at whidbey.com> wrote:
> Sorry to hear about the fire. I've had chaff fires, but nothing to the
> extent you mention. The Dawn Power Dissolver sounds interesting.  I've had
> great success using Windex with ammonia.
> Ken
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> Sorry, I am a professional lurker.
> That being said I have been on the list for lots of years, mostly roasting
> with my own home built roasters.
> A year or so ago (maybe longer) I bought a Behmor, and have used it
> infrequently.
> Since we moved from AZ to MA that is mostly all I use. Sometimes I use a
> modified Poppery that I brought with me, but I left all my other roasters in
> AZ. The Behmor is great, and I have learned to do french roast with it.
> (C likes that roast).
> Since it smokes too much to get along well with the fire alarm, I have been
> roasting outside.
> The other day I got distracted by the UPS guy (maybe I said this already)
> and the beans inside caught fire! Oh my, even got an error on the front
> panel!
> Well, I did not open the door, but unplugged it for a while, then plugged it
> in and pushed cool.
> The roaster survived!  :) :)  , but was it ever filthy! The beans? they held
> their shape, but were very light and crumbly. Tasted.. well, burnt!
> There was almost nothing to them. just about ash.
> Nothing I tried.. Fantastic, Simple Green, Orange cleaner, Brillo.. would
> touch the yucky mess burned on to the chaff tray. That is, until I tried
> Dawn Power Disolver.. (Just had to share that) Wow! Now my chaff tray looks
> like new again! I even sprayed it onto and into the drum. All the burned on
> sticky carbon is off of that too!
> Now I have to do the inside of the actual roasting chamber without wrecking
> the elements or the electronics. Will let you know how that works out.
> Since the fire, and cleaning I have roasted several pounds. I roast about
> 380 grams at a time, set for a pound, use A and p1. Then I pre heat the drum
> and beans for about a minute and a half, shut it off and restart with the
> same program.
> About half way through I increase the time 5 pluses (+). and watch closely.
> Even ignore UPS!
> I can not hear first crack :( But when second crack starts, it is erratic,
> so then I let it run until smoke is starting to come out around the door and
> push 'cool'.
> Great roasts every time! :)
> You cans see why I can't use it inside.
> The other day in the cool breezes outside I put it inside a cardboard box
> turned on it's side (the box).
> This was good. Now I am going to get some aluminum flashing and make a box
> (enclosure) for it that I can fold up when not in use, and cover all six
> sides, with vents to regulate the heat inside it.
> Oh, I almost forgot. The fire happened when I had the chaff tray covered
> with aluminum foil, shiny side to the drum. That really increases the heat
> inside. Still the chaff tray got messed up with the fire.
> PeterZ who is Not in LHC, AZ anymore. Now happy in Rockport
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