[Homeroast] Its too long

peter zulkowski peterz5743 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 12:57:32 CST 2011

Sorry, I am a professional lurker.
That being said I have been on the list for lots of years, mostly roasting
with my own home built roasters.
A year or so ago (maybe longer) I bought a Behmor, and have used it
Since we moved from AZ to MA that is mostly all I use. Sometimes I use a
modified Poppery that I brought with me, but I left all my other roasters
in AZ. The Behmor is great, and I have learned to do french roast with it.
(C likes that roast).
Since it smokes too much to get along well with the fire alarm, I have been
roasting outside.
The other day I got distracted by the UPS guy (maybe I said this already)
and the beans inside caught fire! Oh my, even got an error on the front

Well, I did not open the door, but unplugged it for a while, then plugged
it in and pushed cool.
The roaster survived!  :) :)  , but was it ever filthy! The beans? they
held their shape, but were very light and crumbly. Tasted.. well, burnt!
There was almost nothing to them. just about ash.

Nothing I tried.. Fantastic, Simple Green, Orange cleaner, Brillo.. would
touch the yucky mess burned on to the chaff tray. That is, until I tried
Dawn Power Disolver.. (Just had to share that)
Wow! Now my chaff tray looks like new again! I even sprayed it onto and
into the drum. All the burned on sticky carbon is off of that too!
Now I have to do the inside of the actual roasting chamber without wrecking
the elements or the electronics. Will let you know how that works out.

Since the fire, and cleaning I have roasted several pounds. I roast about
380 grams at a time, set for a pound, use A and p1. Then I pre heat the
drum and beans for about a minute and a half, shut it off and restart with
the same program.
About half way through I increase the time 5 pluses (+). and watch closely.
Even ignore UPS!
I can not hear first crack :( But when second crack starts, it is erratic,
so then I let it run until smoke is starting to come out around the door
and push 'cool'.
Great roasts every time! :)

You cans see why I can't use it inside.

The other day in the cool breezes outside I put it inside a cardboard box
turned on it's side (the box).
This was good. Now I am going to get some aluminum flashing and make a box
(enclosure) for it that I can fold up when not in use, and cover all six
sides, with vents to regulate the heat inside it.

Oh, I almost forgot. The fire happened when I had the chaff tray covered
with aluminum foil, shiny side to the drum. That really increases the heat
inside. Still the chaff tray got messed up with the fire.

PeterZ who is Not in LHC, AZ anymore. Now happy in Rockport

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