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A rule of thumb for tamping is to find a tamping pressure that you are comfortable with, and then adjust the grind for the correct extraction. If you are using a light tamp and you like the result, then you are doing it right.

Roasting time is also a matter of taste. However, less than 10 minutes is considered short for most coffees and most people, because it is difficult to get an even roast when roasting that quickly. If you feel like experimenting, you could try a lower setting or...(I have little experience with heat gun roasting, so maybe others can give better advice on how to extend the roast time) ...to find out if you like the result better.


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Just watched the earlier recommend video


I found it very interesting but have to wonder -Is the amount of pressure
shown for tamping the norm? 

I find if I compact it too much it seems to take too long for the coffee to
drip through and we have a pretty amazing espresso machine.  

Also is it beneficial to have the coffee drip on to the side of the cup
instead of straight down to the bottom?  

I roast my own beans using the bread machine heat gun method and usually my
roasts of 8-10 ounces takes less than 10 minutes start to beginning of cool
down.  Does that seem too fast and should I be using a lower heat setting on
the heat gun? 

I am always interested in improving and would welcome the knowledge of



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