[Homeroast] Its too long

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 09:33:20 CST 2011

Well, wish that was the only reason... the list has gotten a lot quieter in
the past, say, year or so.

I don't think that the list is gone, rather everybody is busy planning for
> Tofurkey day, I mean Thanksgiving day.


>  I personally don't like forums very much.  The email programs are a lot
> easier to use and more user friendly.  Plus, I don't always have a computer
> or internet access, but can type and send an email at most times.

I'm jealous of that Super Jolly! I'm still using my simple, cheapo whirly
non-burr grinder. Sorry the chute stinks though.

> I haven't posted something, because I am still working on it.  I just got
> a used SuperJolly and I don't like the hopper.  But I really don't think
> that it should cost almost 300 bucks to convert to a chute, with almost 200
> of that in a simple sheet metal funnel.  So I am trying to come up with
> something more reasonable in cost.

I hear ya!! I'm job searching & can hardly breathe in between. Almost went
for a job @a George Howell cafe - as much as I wanted that, I realized I
couldn't make enough to live on, so I passed on it. Once I start (working)
I prob won't have the strength to even read my emails!

> But the real reason I haven't posted, is that I have just been plain too
> busy to do anything but roast, grind, brew and go to work then repeat again
> and again.
> Peter


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