[Homeroast] venting new roasts

j3r j at j3r.org
Wed Nov 9 08:52:03 CST 2011

Hi all, newbie here.

Since it seems we could use some new blood I will jump in. I have been 
roasting for a few months now using a Caffe Rosto.

My question today is probably not one that makes all that much 
difference, but I am interested.

After a roast, the beans vent CO2. I am wondering what effect packaging 
of the newly roasted beans has on them. Right now I leave new roasts out 
in a shallow bowl for a few hours then seal them into glass jars with 
airtight lids. They are then kept in a completely dark drawer until it 
is time to grind. When I do use them, they seem to have a lot of gas 
left in them, the bloom is quite large and sometimes even overflows my 

Am I doing this right? Does the CO2 make any difference in taste or 
anything else? I usually try to rest the beans at least 2 days (unless I 
am running low).

Glad to have so many experienced roasters here, I have many more 
questions I'll let fly as time goes on :)



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