[Homeroast] Its too long

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99.99% sure he meant doser not hopper :)

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What don't you like about the superjolly hopper? 
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Peter Louton <peter at midwestbicycleworks.com> wrote:

>I don't think that the list is gone, rather everybody is busy planning 
>for Tofurkey day, I mean Thanksgiving day.  I personally don't like forums
>much.  The email programs are a lot easier to use and more user friendly.

>Plus, I don't always have a computer or internet access, but can type 
>and send an email at most times.
>I haven't posted something, because I am still working on it.  I just 
>got a used SuperJolly and I don't like the hopper.  But I really don't 
>think that it should cost almost 300 bucks to convert to a chute, with 
>almost 200 of that in a simple sheet metal funnel.  So I am trying to come
up with
>something more reasonable in cost.   But the real reason I haven't posted,

>is that I have just been plain too busy to do anything but roast, 
>grind, brew and go to work then repeat again and again.
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>I don't care for the forum...I like this list a lot better!
>Rich wrote:
>> They have moved on to the forum most likely. Mailing lists are work 
>> and people get tired of the net-nannies carping about changing the 
>> topic, off topic etc. These things do not happen in the forum 
>> environment.
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