[Homeroast] Professional Roaster Control V Behmor Door Dance

Robert Yoder robotyonder at hotmail.com
Thu May 26 22:55:03 CDT 2011

Good evening, good group,
I find myself wondering how our attempts at fine roast control compare with the realities in a professional roastorium.  With the Behmor, some of us are using door-opening and closing as a method of fine-tuning the last stage, by extending the time between 1&2C.  I'm pretty sure that the Behmor Door Dance really does help extend that interval and I'm also pretty sure that I can taste the richer quality in the cup.  
It seems that we (at least I) seek to compare ourselves with professional roasters, but I wonder, now, how much control pro-roasters have in the moment?  Surely the thermal mass of the drum and beans, along with the carry-over from the heating system, all conspire to make the roaster pretty sluggish in its response to control input (e.g. heat up or down, or fan up or down).  I wonder what is really involved in "Putting on the brakes" in a commercial setting, and how sensitive to these inputs the roasters actually are.  And if there is any remotely-sensible way to compare apples to Behmors.
Happy Roasting, everybody, and,
Happy Memorial Day!
robert yoder 

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