[Homeroast] Newb roaster...Bad Beans?

mary deem catechumenes at gmail.com
Tue May 24 18:55:33 CDT 2011

Welcome :)

Everyone has given you great advice: start with high quality beans  :)

Not only does Sweet Maria's offer great beans but they also offer excellent
tasting notes.  The latter will really help you because they give you an
idea of what the coffee should taste like at various roast levels (not to
mention great suggestions as to the best roasting levels to use for each
bean).  While everyone's palates may vary, I have found Tom's tasting notes
to be very accurate.  When I started out roasting, it was really helpful to
know what flavors should be in my roast. So many other vendors do a terrible
job with tasting notes -if they offer them at all.  Nothing is worse being a
new roaster with new beans...and no idea what they should taste like!

So....jump in an order a few beans.  You can always post your experiences on
the 'forum' section of Sweet Maria's website and get even more advice.
Again, with Sweet Maria's beans, you know that the quality is
excellent...and then you can focus on your roasting.

I have a West Bend Poppery I -which is different from the Poppery II.  I
would recommend at least installing a thermometer (instructions are on the
web site) so you have a better idea of what is going on during your roast.
I would also recommend visiting the Using 'Air Roasters' section of the
forum of Sweet Maria's website-and reading through it.  Very helpful info
there :)


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