[Homeroast] Roasting problems

Tomenid at aol.com Tomenid at aol.com
Tue May 24 16:14:44 CDT 2011

Look I've tried all kinds of roasters and have come to the conclusion that  
most of them are built by if not idiots people who just want it work for a 
few  weeks and then it's your problem. Two roasters I got had thermostats 
that burnt  coffee to a Spanish roast in half the time it was supposed to take 
to do  a  city roast. Replaement roasters worked well for a time but even 
with constant  care began to fluctuate all over the place, It wasn't the most 
imaginative  roaster but the Gene was the most consistent and gave me the 
best coffee but the  first ones had all kinds of problems and parts that 
failed right and left. The  Behmor is just inconsistent from coffee to coffee 
from batch to batch--and of  course isn't the best machine to use if you want 
to get a darker roast. So I'm  still waiting for a decent home roasting 
machine that won't cost me an arm and  leg. It shouldn't be that hard to make 
one. Then again, no one has....

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