[Homeroast] Gift Shop Mexican coffee disaster

Mark Jones mpj100 at comcast.net
Tue May 24 11:05:29 CDT 2011

My brother just came back from his trip to Riviera Maya; after giving him specific instruction on what kind of coffee to look for he comes back with a small sack of roasted coffee. Not to hurt his feelings, I thanked him for it and told him I'll brew it next week when my stash ran low; let me just say, It was awful. The appearance alone should have told me to not even bother; it was dryer then dry which smelled like dust, but loved the consume by Feb 2012 sticker on it. 

I brewed a quick sample before making a full pot and even my wife was disgusted by it. With that said, thank god I ordered a few lbs of the Chiapas from Tom; I'll be roasting that tonight!! 

Mark P. Jones 

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