[Homeroast] Behmor - Different Roasting times

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I follow the same guidelines; between the ambient temperatures and the method of bean processing, I believe the sound, smell and sight are your best methods of roasting. 

Mark P. Jones 

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I really, really like my Behmor, but it is not the most consistent of machines. For a few years I kept careful logs of roast times, crack times, etc., but finally stopped this past winter. The previously logged roast numbers were proving to be only the barest guidelines. So now I just Zen out with the roasting process. I go a little by eye, but mostly by smell and by sound and intuition. If I'm sometimes sad I can't recapture a particularly brilliant roast, I have more fun with the roasting than when I was worried about record-keeping. (shrug) 


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I think mine's been slowing down too. I have generally used P2 because P1 would race from end of 1st to start of 2nd, sometimes blurring together. 
Now that P2 has slowed down so much, I'm using P1 and getting the gap between 1st and 2nd that I couldn't before. I thought it was my technique that was changing; perhaps not. 


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