[Homeroast] OT but I am still alive after another close call

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Mon May 23 18:47:28 CDT 2011

Jeez louise Jim, haven't you been throuygh the ringer already? What a 
crazy story. Honestly, you need to make sure someone is around when 
you are doing this crazy stuff! At least keep a cell phone on you, 
and let someone know what you are doing!


>Tuesday I was out moving earth with my 1962 Case 430 tractor to 
>build a pond.  In the process I had rather stupidly built a rather 
>tall pile of dirt that gave me a rather long view of the word around 
>me and as I was headed up that pile with a scoop of dirt, I drifted 
>to the side and in reaction I pushed the clutch in and the tractor 
>rolled backward off the edge of the pile of dirt and rolled over, 
>landing top down.  During the fall my head hit the fender hard 
>enough to knock me out and cut a three and half inch strip to my 
>skull that had never before seen daylight.  When I regained 
>consciousness I found that I was pinned face down under the tractor. 
>The tractor and the blade together weigh more than two tons.  I was 
>generally unable to move.  My glasses were covered with blood so I 
>had to scrape them off just by dragging my face agains the ground so 
>I could see.  My left arm was pinned under the rear fender and the 
>upper portion of my right arm was pinned down by the steering wheel. 
>My left leg was generally free but my right leg was pinned in front 
>of the gear shift lever and under the steering wheel which was 
>pushed down below the top of the shift lever.  I yelled for help a 
>few times but I knew I was out where there was less than one chance 
>in a hundred that anyone would be close enough to hear me.  I was 
>able to reach my left arm with the free part of my right and I 
>slowly dug the dirt and clay out from under my arm with my right 
>fingers.  It took quite a while but I got the left arm free and then 
>turned to digging out the clay under my upper right arm and after 
>what seemed a very long time I managed to get that arm free also.  I 
>then turned to getting my right leg out of the gearshift 
>lever/steering wheel vice.  I found that I could not get my boot to 
>come out so I had to rearrange myself to be able to reach, untie, 
>and remove the boot.  I then rearranged myself till my nose almost 
>reached my right toes with a strait right leg.  Bending that much 
>with a 67 year old body was tough but I did manage.  After I was 
>essentially free it took a while to figure out a route out from 
>under the tractor but I finally made it out by following the 
>unpinned leg.  I walked from the back to the front of our ten acre 
>plot and got to the house.  I called my wife and told her what 
>happened and asked her to come and get me.  After that I started to 
>go into shock so I simply laid down on the ground at the end of the 
>porch and put my legs up the steps and waited close to half an hour 
>for her to get home.
>At the emergency room they x-rayed my skull and found the bones had 
>held up quite well.  After getting the cut cleaned up and stitched, 
>I was able to go ahead and come home.  And, on Tuesday I missed my 
>early afternoon coffee.
>       pecan jim
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