[Homeroast] Behmor - Different Roasting times

Jamie Dolan jamiedolan at gmail.com
Mon May 23 17:42:08 CDT 2011

>I think the temperature actually declines over time.
>    pecan jim

I had thought that the longer roasting times / smaller batches that I
needed were due to roasting in cooler temps (was roasting in the
attached garage in the winter, so it was fairly cold at times).
However, now that I am in the 70's, it kind of rules that out.

The last batch I finished about a half hour ago, I had to take to only
30 seconds shy of the maximum allowed time.  It was again just over 13
ounces.  I turned out right about the same roast as the others.  This
coffee is for friends (despite using the espresso blend, it is
actually for drip coffee), so it is defiantly lighter than I would
like it to be for espresso (which is what we drink most of the time.

It seems like when I got the machine at Christmas that with any of the
beans I tried if I roasted inside, (around 70) that going to the max
time would have been burnt regardless of the bean even with 16 ounces.
 i.e. It hit Vienna on 16 ounces with still another 1.5 to 2 minutes

The only thing I've read about the temp changing is that if the
machine gets dirty by the sensor, but I have kept it clean / run it
empty per the directions.

I've run maybe around 40 batches in the machine at the most.  I do
roast a second pound the same day at times, but always give it time to
cool (more than cool to the touch almost room temp).  Today I will
have 5 batches roasted, but that is the most I have ever done in a
day, and I've been working on it since around noon (6 hours ago), so
it has had time to cool in between each roast.


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