[Homeroast] roasted coffee storage

Michael maikeru207 at yahoo.com
Wed May 18 09:47:44 CDT 2011

The valved bags I reuse are the sort with a ziploc seal (like the ones Tom sells 
at SM).  They seal great and I can reuse them over and over.  No heat sealer 
required.  I havene't retired one yet.  The ziploc bags containing the coffee 
keep the valved bags clean.  

I'm not sure this list has been clear about the point that a valve bag is
only a valve bag the first time you buy it from a store. The bag has to be
sealed by a heat sealer to be a valve bag. If  you re-use it, it is only a
bag of beans. You might as well use a brown coffee bag that you roll up and
use the metal tie to crimp over."

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