[Homeroast] Amazing coffee apparatus

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That's so funny that you posted that video.  I just started dating someone about 2 weeks ago.  She rented that movie yesterday and we watched it together.  When that scene came on she immediately shot a look at me and said, "You just got really excited didn't you."She already knows me too well!Turns out that was the best part of the whole movie, next to him shooting himself in the face with the knockout gas of course.. IMO
I'll have to look for the Thor scene soon
Michael BB'ham, AL
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> I must be even older. When I hear "Green Hornet" I think of "Theater of the 
> Mind" which of course was on the radio, and featured regular episodes of 
> "The Green Hornet".
> Ken
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> > Ha - I thought you meant the old Green Hornet TV series. I must be getting 
> > old ...
> >
> > Tom
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