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I'm not sure this list has been clear about the point that a valve bag is
only a valve bag the first time you buy it from a store. The bag has to be
sealed by a heat sealer to be a valve bag. If  you re-use it, it is only a
bag of beans. You might as well use a brown coffee bag that you roll up and
use the metal tie to crimp over.
As a roaster at our coffee shop I spent a lot of $ on a bag sealer and make
it clear to customers that they might as well use a jar or any bag and store
there beans in a cool, dry, dark place prior to grinding and brewing. I
really like my valve bags because of my label on them so I grind for my
customers right back into the bag that they just bought. I suggest to them
that I don't do this and they buy a burr grinder from Sweet Maria's but most
just want me to grind it for them because they are too poor or too much in a
hurry or,or,or, .
I curl or roll the bag tight and put a piece of scotch tape over it to keep
it closed and they keep coming back for more. I cringe at the thought of
grinding for them and explain why I shouldn't but coffee is one element in
our lives that we who enjoy it want it now so I do what I can to make sure
that happens and they enjoy it to the fullest.

On Sun, May 15, 2011 at 10:47 AM, Michael <maikeru207 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I used to store coffee in mason jars but noticed that my roasts seemed to
> age
> faster than commercial coffees in valve bags.  I wasn't sure if this was
> due to
> my roasting or the valve bags.  I have started placing my roasts in a
> ziploc bag
> and then place it in a valved bag that I continue to reuse.  This way I
> don't
> have to worry about washing the valve bags.  I will admit that it is a
> little
> bit of a hassle and I like looking at the beans stored in jars, but they
> due
> tend to age and show oils at a much slower pace when stored in the valve
> bags.
> Michael
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