[Homeroast] Roasted Coffee Storage

Sandra Andina sandraandina at mac.com
Sun May 15 01:34:52 CDT 2011

I had a Mason jar of beans (frozen after bringing them home from a now-long-gone local roaster) explode in my hand 28 yrs ago when I picked it up off the counter, 2 min. after removing it from the freezer. Took 6 stitches in one of my bass-playing fingers (delaying a recording session) and the beans weren't even all that good (hadn't yet discovered home roasting).  My advice is to freeze indiv. portions (whatever pot or cup size) in unbreakable but odor-proof containers, removing only the container you need at the time to avoid condensation-refreeze cycles (and needless injuries). Never know what that CO2 will do!
On May 14, 2011, at 11:21 PM, michael brown wrote:

> I wouldn't freeze them.  The condensation from freezing then thawing will age them faster.I'd say it depends on fast you consume your roast.  None of my roasts ever last longer than a week so I don't worry too much about it other than the obvious:Avoid extreme temps (hot and cold)avoid direct sunlight (I hide mine in ziplocks behind my brewers on the kitchen counter at home to keep out of sunlight)
> If your going to store them for a while, keep the lids on tight..as I read in another response. It's more important to keep air out than worrying about letting the CO2 out.  
> Think of the bags, sealed, with one way valves.  They are not letting air in but allowing excess CO2 out, not all the CO2 out.

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