[Homeroast] With this morning's cup of Rwanda Remera Nyarusiza

Jim Gundlach pecanjim at bellsouth.net
Wed May 4 06:07:36 CDT 2011

This morning I made a capachino with a light roasted Rwanda Remera Nyarusize.  Since my wife is out for the week I picked up some breakfast rolls that are covered with caramelized sugar holding pecan halves around the outside for a diet cheating breakfast.  Anyway as I was taking a bite out of the roll between drinks one of the pecan halves fell off the roll.  I glanced down to the floor and thought I saw the pecan half, reached down, picked it up, put it in my mouth and had this scratching sensation on my tongue.  Well, june bugs are almost as large as pecan haves.
    pecan jim

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