[Homeroast] Vacuum Pot Help!!

John Grubbs jvgrubbs at gmail.com
Tue May 3 19:10:26 CDT 2011


I found that the brew water can be too cold. When the water "starts to boil"
and "rises within a few seconds," it can still be WELL below desired
temperatures. My vac pot efforts got much better when I began measuring the
water temp. after it rose into the top, then waiting for 195 degrees before
adding the coffee and starting my timing.

I also second (or third) the earlier comments about taking great efforts to
be sure the cloth filter is really clean. OxiClean does a good job on the
filter, but if not thoroughly dissolved, OxiClean granules can remain
trapped between the cloth and the filter frame. (Yeah, learned that the hard

John, in Bham, AL

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