[Homeroast] I'm still roasting and reading the list

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Mon May 2 12:18:27 CDT 2011

I finally managed to get a couple of roasts in this weekend, Sunday after
dark.  It was quite the full weekend with yardwork, Jr. Prom for the eldest,
date night with the wife, family dinner, etc, but I really wanted to get
these roasts in so after walking the dogs I hit the garage.

Since it was such a beautiful, warm weekend and I started roasting after
dark, I had company in the form of some sort of fly or gnats, I think maybe
March Flies.  They were pestering me around the neck and face, drawn to the
lights in the garage, and also maybe the roasting smoke (I heard a report
this weekend from a friend who roasts in Florida with a Behmor that she was
besieged with love bugs while roasting.

I roasted a Tanzania PB to FC first, and I forgot to shake the drum to loose
the small beans and dust so some of the beans that fell through the grid got
a little charred but I think there was another source for an unusual
roasting smell due to the type of beans.  I'm really curious to try these
and find out how they taste.  I followed this with a Honduras bean to C+ and
these smelled really good, almost like Costa Rica beans after the roast.

The coffees I drank this weekend were vac pots of the El Salvador Manzano
processing experiment, Saturday a sweet pulp natural and Sunday the full
natural and this morning a Clever of the Wet Process.  I really enjoy these
beans, though I've only tried them at City+.

Happy roasting and sipping.


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