[Homeroast] I'm still roasting and reading the list

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Sun May 1 20:07:25 CDT 2011

I'm still roasting, too, and reading the list. Still roasting stove-top. Not
the easiest set-up right now - this stove (been here since last Dec) has two
large burners, but the front one is dead. I think if i just replace that
front unit it'll be fine, but haven't done so, yet. And, of course, my knee
has been killing me for a couple of months, so roasting has been painful.
Did two roasts back to back the last time - was supposed to give some as a
gift, but that didn't turn out as planned - thankfully. They're so back I've
opted to drink tea some mornings, at least until I can handle standing
without massive pain, lol.

Sad fate for these SM beans (forget what variety, and at this point, it's
better that way).


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