[Homeroast] Anybody roasting coffee?

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Sun May 1 09:36:26 CDT 2011

Anybody roasting coffee? Well judging from how busy we are at SM, I 
would say so. Its been very busy. But I dont doubt at all that work 
is pressuring a lot of people too, and they have scaled back on the 
time they have to read emails on all of their interests... It might 
be that some people simply roast but discuss it less, once they have 
reached a certain plateau where they are happy with the results. I am 
guessing though...    Tom

>Yea, I've noticed the quietness of the list lately.
>My hunch is that there's a confluence of factors, but the bottom line is
>that everybody is squeezed on all sides. I know I work much more than ever,
>but earn no more than I did in 2006. I barely have time to roast, much less
>pay meticulous attention to fine details.
>  I dug some Bonko "Black Sun" DP out of the cryofreeze chamber.  My Quest M3
>never disappoints. After 2.5 years, Bonko is still the "devil in a blue
>dress" at C+. It may have lost a point or two. But a truly memorable 94 that
>is now a 92 after 2.5 years, is better than a fresh 90 that is not a
>memorable cup. Just sayin.
>I do have one new brewing tip/trick. I've been using this lately for single
>cup pour over brews: cut a large Chemex filter sheet into four quarters.
>Fold like the big sheet was folded. Use the tiny filter for a single cup
>pour over in a filter cone. It forces you to use maximal control in the pour
>routine. The cup quality is excellent due to the premium quality of the
>filter. My standard ratio is 15g/10oz. Also, you frugally get 400 filters
>out of a box instead of 100.
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>Did the forum at the SM site do in the list and make it obsolete ?
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