[Homeroast] roasting macadamia nuts

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Wed Mar 30 19:58:56 CDT 2011

I can only offer advice on hazelnuts.  P2 worked fine on the pound 
setting.  I seem to recall that I loaded about 1.5 lbs since they 
roast cooler.  I'm not sure how the shells will affect it.  I would 
lean toward P4 or P5 maybe so the heat can really soak in nice and slow.

At 05:47 PM 3/30/2011, you wrote:
>I've got a quart bag of macadamias in the shells from my trip to HI 
>in December.
>It's high time to roast them, but it is not very many nuts at all...
>so I don't want to screw this up.
>Anyone roasted macadamias in the B16k that can lend a man a profile?
>/*" I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not
>know what can't be done. " -- Henry Ford  */
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