[Homeroast] Hottop P/B Fuse

John Borella jborella at ct.metrocast.net
Tue Mar 29 11:28:10 CDT 2011

 This may have been posted before but since Michael at Hottop USA wasn't 
aware of it I figured it might be of interest.  I had my HT-B apart a few 
days ago to adjust the bean door solenoid position. With the rear cover off 
I plugged in the HT to test the door actuation. Immediately a few sparks 
came off the main circuit board & the HT went dark. Power in to the main 
board from the power cord but no functions working & no red light on the 
board. The culprit was either the rear fan connector which may have been 
laying on the board or a bare connection up by the motor where the 
insulating cover had slipped off that may have grounded out.

 I removed the board expecting to find a burnt area but found nothing 
unusual. Then the black wire loop that connects the section of the board 
where the black power cord attaches to strip of power feed connections 
caught my eye. What was hiding under the rubber sleeve in the middle of the 
loop? Turned out to be a 125v/10a fuse & it was definitely blown. Since the 
fuse was part of the wire loop I replaced the entire fused loop with an 
In-Line Fuse Holder from Napa with the correct female connectors added. Back 
to roasting with a $2 fix!!

John B. 

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