[Homeroast] Silvia n00b: tips and tricks?

Scot Murphy deppitybob at comcast.net
Sat Mar 26 17:30:46 CDT 2011

I recently picked up a Rancilio Silvia off eBay and it seems to work fine, but I'm having trouble getting used to it. For one, it's not an auto-fill machine, so I have to figure out how to get it to fill the boiler between shots/steaming. I also can't seem to get the steam power I really need out of it. Worst is that I can't seem to get a non-sour shot out of it. Usually, isn't a sour shot the sign of underheated water? I get this no matter what grind I use.

What is the best website for teaching the n00b how to manage the Silvia?

Scot "my cold cafe au lait was supposed to be a latte" Murphy

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