[Homeroast] Dead Mazzer SJ

Justin Schwarz houstini at comcast.net
Thu Mar 24 23:30:03 CDT 2011

So, I stopped by Norvac today and asked if they had a suitable replacement for my timer that I could use on the SJ, I found one that I could install in the original location that would only require me to drill out the hole for the post slightly.  The 20A toggle cost me all of $7.25 and if I wish to re-install an OEM switch at a future date I still have the option of doing so.  

Seriously though, I think I will be happier with the toggle, the timer never really suited my needs as a home user as I would switch off the timer when my beans were done grinding anyway.  I have always thought that it would be nice to add a foot pedal to the grinder and having a switch seems to make more sense if I add an inline foot pedal than having a timer. 

I hope I don't wake my family up in the morning dialing in the grinder after removing the upper burr carrier in initial troubleshooting to see if a rock got jammed in the thing.  Hopefully I will be close at about +1 from burrs touching.  Don't want to waste too much of the Costa Rica Helsar from Coava, I guess if I do, I have some 3 day rested Sidamo Maduro that is just exploding with dark fruit aroma.

Thanks to all that replied and enjoy your coffee today!


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