[Homeroast] Dead Mazzer SJ

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Hi Justin,
It's a little tough to commiserate with a Super Jolly and Brewtus person, but I will if need-be(!)  As a conservative medicine sort of person, I would argue in favor of biting the bullet and installing the Factory Replacement Part, if for no other reason than the fact that this approach preserves the resale value (and the known reliability) of this workhorse, even if the Upgrade Bug were to attack. Another aproach might be to see if there is a simple Off/On Switch from Mazzer or after-market (of equivalent service capacity) which mounts in the original hole.  I'd hate to see you punching holes in this old beast if you didn't have to.  But that's just me.  Not to mention that the thought of hauling that Fireplug around to electrical suppliers makes my back hurt to think about.
Happy Roasting,
robert yoder
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> Subject: [Homeroast] Dead Mazzer SJ
> I bought a used SJ a couple of years ago for a smokin deal and figured that even if it was 20+ years old that it should last quite some time in my home use. Today I had the Brewtus warmed up and ready with a couple of beans in their peak rest window and went to grind for the first shot of the day and had no power. 
> I first wiggled the cord thinking that there must be a short or something I don't know how the stationary grinder could develop a short overnight, but wishful thinking I guess. Next, I tried googling and checking the H-B forum and others for any info about where to start troubleshooting this issue, these things are built like tanks as we all know so I could not find anyone with a similar problem. Time to call EPNW, I just wanted to know where to start troubleshooting this thing, They told me that if it was the motor I would have better luck and less $$$ into it if I just found another used mazzer. 
> I almost had an excuse to go grinder shopping, my wife was spared the experience of me trying to find a better grinder, after all if I had to replace it I would have to make a significant improvement right? I was happy with that scenario, but being without espresso until I could afford another (better) grinder really made me unhappy. I decided to call Espresso Machine Experts in Portland to see if one of their techs could help me, and I'm glad I did, sort of. I found out that the timer was the most likely culprit and went on to bypass the timer for testing purpose and the grinder hummed just fine. I'm glad I didn't give up on this grinder.
> My question is this: the replacement timer is $81 and I feel that is too much to spend on a switch, albeit much cheaper than a new grinder, just seems excessive. Is there any other way that I could use a different switch, or foot pedal? to avoid the cost of this relatively simple timer. I am going to bring the timer to Platt(electrical parts supplier) or Norvac(electronics supply house) tomorrow and see if I can find a suitable replacement. Chassis modification of the SJ may be neccesary, I at least expect to drill some new holes to mount the switch
> Any Ideas or suggestions are appreciated
> -Justin
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