[Homeroast] Ethiopia Wet Process Guji Oromo

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Tue Mar 15 15:02:10 CDT 2011

Funny you should mention this coffee because we just had the same 
experience here. Josh had done a Probat roast, and left me a small 
amount to cup. I re-cup a lot of the inventory we have here , but I 
dont have any regular schedule to cup current offerings I admit... 
anyway, I really was amazed, and the coffee exceeded my expectation. 
And it was the body, sweetness, and balance that was impressive. 
Adidity wasn't that racy or bright... Anyway, what I think you 
observed is simply that, under different roast conditions and with 
longer rest, body score can increase a lot. I imagine when I scored 
it, the coffee was fresher - I rarely hold a sample 7 days and 
re-score it. And it's really a special condition under which 
mouthfeel/body can change and improve greatly,whereas I don't think 
aroma or sweetness or brightness would actually improve with 7 days 
rest. Anyway, thanks for bringing it up.


>I roasted this last week, to a nice City+ level.  The first sample
>brew, at 3 days rest, was good, but unexciting.  But at 7 days rest, I
>was absolutely floored.  The coffee had the smoothest, silkiest
>mouthfeel I've ever roasted.  This is exactly what got me into
>homeroasting, when a work collegue brought in a coffee that was like
>nothing I had ever tasted before.  So creamy, so silky.  I simply
>could not go back to store bought coffee after that.  I've been
>chasing this profile ever since, and this is the first time I've found
>it.  So, of course, when I went to quickly order more I found it sold
>out. :)
>So, my homeroast compatriots, help me learn how to find other coffees
>like this, from SweetMarias.  I had assumed that this would correspond
>to a higher number on the "Body", but this coffee actually had a low
>rating for body.  Does this correspond to Tom describing a "waxy
>mouthfeel"?  I want to be able to jump, the next time a coffee comes
>up with the right score on the spiderweb or the right magic words in
>the description.
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