[Homeroast] Ethiopia Wet Process Guji Oromo

Seth Grandeau grandeau at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 14:17:12 CDT 2011

I roasted this last week, to a nice City+ level.  The first sample
brew, at 3 days rest, was good, but unexciting.  But at 7 days rest, I
was absolutely floored.  The coffee had the smoothest, silkiest
mouthfeel I've ever roasted.  This is exactly what got me into
homeroasting, when a work collegue brought in a coffee that was like
nothing I had ever tasted before.  So creamy, so silky.  I simply
could not go back to store bought coffee after that.  I've been
chasing this profile ever since, and this is the first time I've found
it.  So, of course, when I went to quickly order more I found it sold
out. :)

So, my homeroast compatriots, help me learn how to find other coffees
like this, from SweetMarias.  I had assumed that this would correspond
to a higher number on the "Body", but this coffee actually had a low
rating for body.  Does this correspond to Tom describing a "waxy
mouthfeel"?  I want to be able to jump, the next time a coffee comes
up with the right score on the spiderweb or the right magic words in
the description.



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