[Homeroast] City or City+ roast - on behmor

Danny Gutierrez dannygoot at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 13:17:51 CDT 2011


I use a Hottop but I can tell you that it's all about experimentation. Even
when you think you have "mastered" your roast curve, another coffee will
come along which will make you question yourself. I have been roasting
coffee for almost 20 years on all sorts of machines batch sizes (100g sample
roasters to 120kilo production roasters), and I continue to learn new things
ALL THE TIME! It's what makes coffee roasting so very exciting and always
new. Because coffee is a natural product, it remains ever fluid... No pun
intended... well, kinda... Try not to get to caught up on specifics other
than using your senses, which takes time. Try a batch right after 1st crack,
try another 30 seconds past... etc.. If you are happy with your end result,
how can that be short changing yourself? Love that cup when it's in front of
you, if it's worth loving! It's pretty much a guarantee that your next cup
will be a little different. Even if it's from the same roast batch.

I know i didn't really answer your question but I liked the part when you
said... "The coffee was good this morning, but I
want to see if I can improve if I'm short changing myself."

you're awesome!

On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 10:21 AM, Greg Hollrigel <ghollrigel at gmail.com>wrote:

> Just a quick question on roasting to City/C+.  I'm using a Behmor in case
> it
> matters.  Looking at Tom's notes on the website, it looks like City is
> about
> the end of 1st crack, and 1st crack lasts about 90 seconds (plus/minus).
>  So
> when you are aiming for a C/C+ roast, should you aim for stopping the roast
> about 90 seconds after 1st crack when 1st crack ends, or should you be
> aiming to draw it out longer to 3 minutes or so, if possible.
> I ask because I was roasting a batch of Imbachi Colombian yesterday, and it
> seemed like my 1st crack stopped about 90 seconds (as I was hoping), but I
> wasn't sure if I should still be aiming for a 3 minute roasting time, like
> I
> do when I go for FC style roasts.  The coffee was good this morning, but I
> want to see if I can improve if I'm short changing myself.
> Thanks,
> Greg
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