[Homeroast] Ruminations on the QM3 and testing results

Frank Parth frank at fparth.com
Mon Mar 14 10:06:26 CDT 2011

Thanks for the thoughts. Right now both are measuring BT, so it's not the difference between BT and
ET. I think others are correct in that the difference is in how the two probes are reacting. Since
I'm now logging temps I'll just remove the dial thermometer and rely on the thermocouple plugged
into the Omega.

The next step is to link the Omega with the Artisan software and log the temperatures with the
computer. That should be a lot easier than reading the temps every 30 seconds, entering the data
into Excel and then creating a graph!


> 2 different thermocouples.  No differences really  Small one may react
> slightly faster.
> No real diferences in the thermocouples they are both "K" and meet the
> K standards.
> You will see differences in the readings when mounted in the roaster
> the ET is located in the same airspace as the heating elements and the
> BT is located inside the roasters drum with the beans.
> The ET will change fast the BT will change much slower.
> Hope this helps.

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