[Homeroast] Behmor P1-P2

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Sun Mar 13 11:34:34 CDT 2011

I use P2 almost exclusively.  I run 335 g of beans on P2-1lb either B or C 
depending on the results.  If by using C, I hit 1st hard and there's little 
gap between 1st and 2nd, I use B next time.  If I hit 1st too lightly or 1st 
occurs too far into P2's reduced power phase, I'll use C the next time.  I 
don't open the door during the roast as others do, unless things start to 
run away from me.  Right after hitting cool, I do open the door, remove the 
chaff collector and start fanning the drum to cool the beans rapidly.

This approach covers my tastes, but I prefer beans that work well at FC to 
FC++.  If you're targeting lighter roasts, something else may work better. 
I also have one of the earliest Behmors.  It may run differently than yours 
due to age or design changes in newer Behmors.


>I have tried quite a few beans in the Behmor, but according to the manual,
> well, it really doesn't specify when one would want to use P1 or P2 and I 
> am
> having trouble with discerning this.  I have screwed up batches due to 
> just
> this fact.  Sometimes they end up too hard and I am not sure, well..really
> just not sure..
> Most batches are fine..My P3s end up great.  Some of the P1-P2 end up well
> but that may be chance.  I have done the proper cleaning..I have only
> roasted about 8 batches so there shouldn't be an issue with all of the 
> more
> "in-depth" cleanings I have read about.
> Anyone?
> Thanks a bunch.
> Robert (novice)
> P.S.  Any good way around that tough listening factor of the P2 program? 
> If
> you miss those couple of cracks it is very dicey for second crack..lotta
> flameouts the first time.

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