[Homeroast] Behmor P1-P2

Robert Lasher toffel at comcast.net
Sat Mar 12 18:12:39 CST 2011

I have tried quite a few beans in the Behmor, but according to the manual,
well, it really doesn't specify when one would want to use P1 or P2 and I am
having trouble with discerning this.  I have screwed up batches due to just
this fact.  Sometimes they end up too hard and I am not sure, well..really
just not sure..

Most batches are fine..My P3s end up great.  Some of the P1-P2 end up well
but that may be chance.  I have done the proper cleaning..I have only
roasted about 8 batches so there shouldn't be an issue with all of the more
"in-depth" cleanings I have read about.




Thanks a bunch.


Robert (novice)


P.S.  Any good way around that tough listening factor of the P2 program?  If
you miss those couple of cracks it is very dicey for second crack..lotta
flameouts the first time.

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