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Coffee is a crop.  If you look at Tom's offerings you'll notice that there are plenty of origins that he currently doesn't have.  He doesn't have a Kenya, a Nicaragua, a Honduras, no Kona coffee, no Mexico coffee.  Does this mean that they don't produce quality coffee?  Absolutely not.  Kenya coffee is often touted as some of the best in the world.  Are they hard to find?  Not at all.  They just aren't here yet (literally, as in not arrived in the States yet).
Tom has carried tons of Ugandan coffees before.  He will inevitably offer some again.


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I'm helping, on business side, as a Volunteering Consultant (
http://www.growmovement.org/) a very small coffee dryer processor in Uganda,
and I was wondering if anyone on this list had any experience with Uganda
Specialty Coffee?


I saw on the website that there are Specialty Coffee's in Uganda, but seems
you dont carry then anymore,any specific reason, are they not good enough,
or just hard to find a good one?


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