[Homeroast] India Coffee

silas coelho silascoelho1 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 17:28:52 CST 2011

few months ago, everyone here gave me suggestions on what should I/what I
will find in India on coffee, that was good. I went to India (Pondycherri,
Pune and Delhi), and this is what I'm learning:

-most of coffee producers in India (very few exceptions) are originated from
farms near southeast of India (around 6-8 hours driving from
-few local dealers, usually with shops stores inside small markets. They
sell green bean as well roasted - Arabica - Moonson - and Robusta in small
quantities (Nobody on these markets had any clue of the variety of seeds, or
even the meaning of that)
-Quality wise, on  Moonson specially, it is ok, if you dont go more then 10%
of it in blends. They help a lot on the body, but with the sacrifice of

Now I'm using Moonson in my blends (I developed 2 so far, no experience
here!!!), but I'm happy and give a good and nice look for the expressos' - A
LOT of crema!!

Btw, I will be there again at end of march (:-))




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