[Homeroast] Kona Cafe reviews

Justin Schwarz houstini at comcast.net
Wed Mar 2 20:27:48 CST 2011

So I've been coming to Kona since I was 6 years old and first learned about homeroasting here about 15 years ago, on my last trip here I tried to find a decent cup of kona or a shot being expertly pulled.  I spent quite a bit on overpriced drinks that I gagged down wishing for something better.  This trip, my expectations were low and i made sure to bring plenty of vac packed homeroast.  

I saw a new place called Kaya's that served up some really great coffee and pulled good shots on a CLEAN machine, a big plus right off the bat. She ground per shot and had the best espresso prep I have seen on the island. Nice, kid friendly, and affordable (americano, blended bev, iced coffee, 3 cookies for about $16) so happy to see good coffee shop here. Hope they are still here next time I come back.

I'll add an address later, can't find one now.


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