[Homeroast] Darker roasts on a Behmor

Joshua Housh joshhoush at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 13:43:20 CDT 2011

"Is there anything I can do with the Behmor to get darker roasts other
than reducing the batch size? "

Yes, do a preheat of the roaster with beans in the drum.  Select the 1  
lb setting, P1 and just hit start.

Wait two minutes. If you try to preheat for too long the roaster can't  
be restarted, so make sure and just do a two minute warmup.

Turn the roaster off.

Now restart the roaster on 1 lb, P4, D and hit the plus button to max.  

This should yield a darker roast even with a full pound of coffee.

"When we got the Behmor from you at Christmas, running the roast to  
the full default time
(without adding any time) was often FC+, adding much to the timer and
it would have been burnt to a crisp.  I clean the inside with simple
green every few roasts and burn it out every few roasts also.
Any ideas?  I wouldn't think a roaster should be wearing out after
roasting under 40 pounds of coffee."

Since you normally roast into second crack you are creating an  
environment in the roaster that does indeed degrade an important  
sensor that regulates temperature.  This sensor can be replaced with a  
little patience and a few tools.  Contact Behmor for a replacement  
sensor and instructions.

My advice would be to do the preheat of two minutes and use a  
different profile.  P2 is not the best profile for dark roasting.  P4  
is actually better because you can put more time on the clock.

So, alter your routine, try the preheat and replace the sensor if you  
want to get back to the way it used to perform.

One last piece of advice, check your voltage.  Make sure you do not  
have the roaster plugged in to the same circuit as a fridge, washer/ 
dryer, etc.  and of course, don't use power strips or extension cords.

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