[Homeroast] OT Spam names for coffee blends

Jamie Dolan jamiedolan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 13:23:09 CDT 2011

> Have any of you received spam lately where they simply ask you to send your
> name, address and credit card number with CVV and expiration? I have seen a
> few. You have to admire their "back to basics" tact.

I've not see that, but I don't read my SPAM that carefully, I just
look at it long enough to make sure it isn't a legit message.

The sad thing is that there are people that will fall for it and hand
over there information.

I will need to order again within the next month, I'm down to the last
5 pounds out of the 38 pounds we got at Christmas from you.

Is there anything I can do with the Behmor to get darker roasts other
than reducing the batch size?  I asked about this a while back and
reducing batch size seemed to be the main suggestion.  I use B, P2.
Last roast I did was New Classic Espresso, 15 ounces, 75 degree + room
temp, added the maximum time allowed to the behmor timer and still
ended up with maybe a FC.  Even though it is a lot warmer in the
garage now than when I was roasting a few months ago, I have to keep
reducing my batch size if I want a darker roast.  I had assumed that
some of my roast times were a bit long because of the colder temps I
was roasting in, but at 75+ degrees, that obviously isn't the problem.
 We use all our coffee for espresso, so normally want it a little
darker, FC+ range.  We use about a pound every 5 days and I really
have to do 2 smaller batches if I want to get it to the FC+ range,
which gets a bit annoying and time consuming.  When we got the Behmor
from you at Christmas, running the roast to the full default time
(without adding any time) was often FC+, adding much to the timer and
it would have been burnt to a crisp.  I clean the inside with simple
green every few roasts and burn it out every few roasts also.

Any ideas?  I wouldn't think a roaster should be wearing out after
roasting under 40 pounds of coffee.



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