[Homeroast] OT Spam names for coffee blends

Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee sweetmarias at sweetmarias.com
Wed Jun 29 12:38:58 CDT 2011

Maybe a new theme for our Workshop espresso blend names.

New Workshop Espresso Blend: nxu3en u9de95hi

I could see the next one as "My Passport Was Stolen" blend

Then "23 Mil. USD Nigeria Bank Account"

Later, "A friend on Facebook is Looking for You"

Have any of you received spam lately where they simply ask you to 
send your name, address and credit card number with CVV and 
expiration? I have seen a few. You have to admire their "back to 
basics" tact.

>The dreaded email hackers are at it again.
>Although, I have to admit - "nxu3en u9de95hi" is really my favorite topic in
>homeroasting! Just can't keep away...

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