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miKe mcKoffee mcKona at comcast.net
Sun Jun 19 16:52:25 CDT 2011

Hey Terry, you could hook your V-II up to something like this while

Just finished mounting filter (inc softening) and accumulator to board for a
3 day event this coming weekend. Be much better than flopping around tied to
table legs etc.! Though might not need quite as complex, i.e. the 2 "Ts"
between the filter and accumulator, one basically a water "faucet" to fill
pour over hotwater towers and brewer etc, the other goes to the pitcher
rinser, accumulator output to espresso machine of course. Testing with
Flojet, will be hooked up via foodgrade hose input to filter for event.... 

Working on the plumbing setup test while middle of an 84.6lb 11 batch "quick
roast session". Last batch in the drum now. Only roasted 405lb the previous
7 days:) Just starting a serious new wholesale account push with realistic
goal of hitting a Ton roasted a week in the next 12 months, which will be
about the max possible with this little USRC 3k work horse. Then time to
upgrade roaster (~$50k next size up ouch! But we'll be ready for it)

Oh and just finished dialing our new (to us) catering machine on the
plumbing setup, Bric' just steams too slow for bigger events. And PIA to
tear apart my home setup for events! Last week "stole" a Brasilia Portofino
off Craigslist for $372 inc. my cost for a new pump! Though it's heater only
1200w compared to Bric's 1900w (both 110v) has 6L boiler instead of Bric's
1.5L. So while Bric' takes ~40sec to steam for a 12oz bev (we do one size
milk bevs catering/events) Portofino was 9sec with it's stock tip! Switched
to a slower tip (smaller diameter holes, still 4 hole) for better texture
control now perfect 20sec. Start the shot, start steaming, stop steaming,
stop the shot. That'll keep the line moving mucho better! Last month did
similar event pulling 342 double shots on the Bric' in the 25 hours the bar
open no problem, but waiting 10-15sec to finish steaming after the shot over
and over and over about killed me. Yeah, pulled 19lb of Delirium with the
Bric' in those 25 hours open, crazy!

Bagging to do gone...

Slave to the Bean  miKe mcKoffee
URL to Rosto mods, FrankenFormer, some recipes etc:

Ultimately the quest for Koffee Nirvana is a solitary path. To know I must
first not know. And in knowing know I know not. Each Personal enlightenment
found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone before.

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> As long as the confessions are going on, I've got to confess also.  
> We're going through kitchen remodelling and I disconnected my 
> Vivaldi II 
> last Sunday and haven't made drip or vacuum since then.  One day, I 
> stopped on the way to work and got a cup of Community Coffee, 
> which was 
> too hot to drink.  Coffee last week was Mellow Joy at work.  
> It's a far 
> cry from my normal two 16-oz thermos of fresh homeroast that 
> I take to 
> work.  At least I dilute it with some hot water.
> Last night, I couldn't stand it any longer. I dug out my old Rancilio 
> Silvia - I knew there was a reason I hadn't tried to sell it 
> yet.  Since 
> Silvia has a reservoir (the Vivaldi II is direct-piped to the water 
> source), I can use it - and have...
> One double Americano last night using something that got into 
> jars but 
> not marked - I think it was Panama Finca la Camiseta.  Then, 
> two double 
> Americano's of the same today plus a double espresso of the same.
> Silvia still knows what she's doing!
> I roasted a pound of Brazil Joao de Campos Yellow Catuai 
> today for some 
> variety.  I can't wait for the remodelling job to be complete, but 
> that's about 5 more weeks.
> Terry Stockdale
> On 6/19/2011 2:46 PM, Sandy Andina wrote:
> > Bless me, Tom&  Maria, for I too have sinned--IOTW, taken 
> more than just a few weeks off from roasting. Expediency has 
> led me to frequent my local artisanal roasteries for 
> ready-to-grind beans (and I've been using the "My-K-Cup" 
> ground coffee holder in my Breville as well as my espresso 
> machine&  Technivorm).  I've been on the road too often and 
> too long, plus spending insane amounts of time pursuing gigs 
> (contact me offlist for the Andina&  Rich tour schedule--we 
> self-professed "caffeinds" may be in your area and would love 
> to do a house concert or play your coffeehouses);  scarcely 
> time to kick back, eat&  drink, or do anything that can't be 
> multitasked while on the computer.  (And I can personally 
> attest that instances of roasting to "third crack" are 
> directly proportional to the number of roasts in progress 
> while answering e-mails). Mea culpa, mea maxim culpa (are 
> Jews allowed to say that? We have our own brand of guilt, of course).
> > On Jun 19, 2011, at 12:16 PM, Bob Hazen wrote:
> >
> >    
> >> A confession:  I haven't been roasting for the last few 
> weeks.  Due to the intensity of home and work 
> responsibilities I just didn't take the time.  That, and a 
> perceived notion of "sameness" in my roasts caused me to 
> check out other beans.  It was a disaster.
> >>      
> > Peace&  song,
> > Sandy
> > www.sandyandina.com
> >
> >    
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