[Homeroast] OT!!!!!! just wanted to pop out of lurk for a sec

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 13:04:49 CDT 2011

Ha - guess I wasn't clear (and, I forget that some may not *know* Dennis
like ol' fogies. ;-), as he was more active on the list awhile ago) [caveat:
I am referring to myself as an old-timer, not Dennis, lol) - Dennis is the
vet I was referring to, who really needs some greens to homeroast.

And thank you, Mary, & to all, (and I hope I'm not embarrassing Dennis,
lol). His email address is in the message he sent, but in case some don't
have gmail & it's tough to find it, here it is:

dennist3 at gmail.com

Again, Dennis, I hope I'm not out of line here - but I think it's a very
small thing we all can do for you. Lord knows, my Sweet Maria's family sent
me enough greens to keep me roasting for nearly a year!! That was a few yrs
back when I didn't even have an income. (now I'm still dirt poor, but have a
lot of company as the economy caught up w/my 'style' of living, lol - and I
do, at least, have an income - meager, but I am happy).

I will never, ever forget that, and since I most likely will not ever earn
enough $$ to do the same back to those who were so kind to me- so, I try to
pay it forward to anyone I can, here or in other parts of my life. That's
how I show my appreciation to all who were ever so kind to me. Sometimes it
works, sometimes I fall flat on my face, but hey, that's life.

Now - to get a bit back on subject - my homeroasting on my
current-crappy-stove (in an apt, so it won't change) actually improved the
last 2Xs I roasted. Only problem is, my stomach has been giving me a lot of
trouble, so I have had to let my son drink most of it. Did start to drink a
cup yesterday morn, but today the pain came back afterwards, so I might have
to lay off the coffee, again, for a bit. :-(

So, Dennis asap, I'll be sending you some of the greens that I need to keep
away from (along with a LOT of foods I love, arrggh!)

And to everyone who is a father, or has a dad, or (like me) is remembering a
dad who has passed away:

Happy Father's Day!


On Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 1:00 PM, mary deem <catechumenes at gmail.com> wrote:

> Lynne - I have some extra SW's beans that would love a home with a
> "homeroast-bean-less" veteran. You can e-mail me any info (addres, bean
> preferences ect.). Great idea...thanks for getting up on the soapbox for a
> good cause..
> Thanks,
> Mary

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