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Demian Ebert coffehound at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 12:45:43 CDT 2011

I reset my pallette every so often. Usually it's on one night business
trips where I just don't want to bother bringing coffee or 6AM flights
where I'm foreced to buy airport coffee (still miss the days when I
could bring my thermos of homeroast on the plane). Other times it's a
result of simply being too busy toi spend the time roasting.

Each time I do this foolish thing I remember why I roast my own
coffee. Even in Portland where good coffee is relatively abundant I
prefer my own.


On 6/19/11, Bob Hazen <peatmonster at comcast.net> wrote:
> A confession:  I haven't been roasting for the last few weeks.  Due to the
> intensity of home and work responsibilities I just didn't take the time.
> That, and a perceived notion of "sameness" in my roasts caused me to check
> out other beans.  It was a disaster.  The local guy with a Diedrich in his
> store >should< be good, right?  Pretty bland, but the beans were fresh at
> least.  That was the best I found in my search.  The low point?  I'd say it
> was a bag of beans sold by a well-known donut chain.  That they were
> whole-bean and not ground is about the best I can say about that experience.
>  They should stick with their core competency - donuts.
> Having hit the very bottom, my roaster beckoned to me.  This morning I
> roasted some of SM's Sumatra Mandheling.  Good to get back into it.  With
> about, oh..., 5 minutes of rest on it the taste was spectacular!  I can't
> wait until a few days have gone by.  I'm back.  There's nothing like a
> dalliance into the mainstream to reset one's palate.  I remembered why I
> homeroast.
> Bob
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