[Homeroast] 4th of July Coffee & Q party

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 22:44:09 CDT 2011


I'm taking the train fr Boston to New Haven.

To visit my daughter.

[insert silence here...]

Hooray. For train riding... and eating Pepe's pizza.

(and, of course... visiting hard-working daughter-nursing-student)

[more silence...]




On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 8:30 PM, miKe mcKoffee <mcKona at comcast.net> wrote:

> FWIW roasting demonstrations will have nothing to do with professional
> roasting but pure roots home roasting. Plan on demonstrating roasting with
> my 14 gauge carbon steel dedicated roasting wok (using high power propane
> camp stove), heatgun dogbowl, possibly probably fry pan no stir chef toss
> only, Androk roasting (thanks again Pecan Jim!), moving on to modern days
> I-Roar 1, my home roasting foundation Frankenformer controlled split wired
> Rosto, Behmor and CCR HotTop, rats no Quest (yet:)
> Bry will probably do some of the roasting demonstrations and along with one
> of our ace barista or two demonstrationg various coffee brewing methods
> like
> Beehouse, Hario V60, Clever and Chemex pour over methods, maybe even break
> out my chorreador:), Aeropress regular and inverted, vac pot, press pot of
> course and doing various coffee tastings.
> And Bry will be manning the vegetarian grill while I'm tradional where's
> the
> smoked meats! Oh and that's after sampling some my smoke cheeses
> appetizers,
> fresh veggie trays yada yada yada lots of other stuff too of course. And
> Katie is organizing a pie bake off competition, and I might make a Mocha
> Torte for part of the desserts if I find the time, maybe even a pineapple
> macadamia nut up-side-down coconut rum cake. Boring where's McDonalds... :)
> All this chaos with a couple of our Baristas different bands jammin'.
> But at 7pm it'll get serious: Latte Art Throwdown Time!
> You won't miss much, just twelve hours straight of insanity Compass Coffee
> style:) There's only one thing more dangerous than my warped mind, Bry and
> I
> brainstorming!

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