[Homeroast] Old-School Coffee Roasting

Terry McVay (rr) tmcvay at hawaii.rr.com
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Second question: how they roast in a traditional manner..

Tom should really answer this, the only time I saw it done, the fellow had a
small pan and stirring 'spatula' on loooong handles.  Green coffee goes into
the pan over the fire, looong spatula keeps it all moving so as not to
scorch the beans,unti you arrive at Turkish coffee roast levels. (just
almost into 3rd crack, or to taste :-]) it is then ground up with spice
(cardomum I think), very fine grind and placed into the 'ibrik' (tom sells a
good one..) the coffee is then placed over the fire to just boil, then back
off and just to a boil again (maybe stir?) then pour into the little cups.
Has almost a 'liquour' taste to it, and very very good, but if there isn't a
good head of foam on it you are off the 'acceptable arab neighbor' listing
until you learn how to do it right ;-].  [Apologies to my friends among the

Haji Tarik

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> Hi All,
> Has anyone ever roasted coffee over a campfire?  I found a set of
> Turkish Coffee cups on eBay, and I'm waiting for a Zassenhaus Turkish
> Mill.  In the meantime, I'd like to find a way to roast coffee in a
> traditional manner like they did in North Africa and the Arabian
> Peninsula.  I have pasted a link below to what I think it should look
> like.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.
> http://cgi.ebay.com/Turkish-Solid-Copper-Sauce-Pan-Handmade-Large-
> /150526112610?pt=Cookware&hash=item230c0e3362
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