[Homeroast] true homeroasting and repeatability

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I know many on this list deem repeatability as the holy grail of roasting. I
think a commercial roaster must pursue repeatability because commercialism
requires it, consumers require it. Livelihood depends on it.
However, it is elusive, as R.O. points out. Folgers gets repeatability by
hyper blending.  Further, it is nigh impossible for the homeroaster that has
an assortment of 1 or 2 lb bags of green coffee and anything less than a HT
or QM3. Buy a 20lb bag, and maybe you can start nailing a roast and
consistently repeating it. Personally, I'm not overly concerned about
variations in roasts. Each will have his own parameters of acceptable

Just my 2 cents worth,

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"...what do you recommend as far as numbers go for particular beans?"

Given that you can't taste numbers- at least, I can't- Go for the Gusto in
the cup. If that needs to be identical from roast-to-roast, bet me you can't
duplicate it from one lot to another.

Maybe I'm in the rong damn pew... Foulgers sells Same. (Rhymes with Lame)
Maybe they have your number?  -ro

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