[Homeroast] Just bought a Swissmar Alpenrost

Starfinder Stanley coffee at starf.org
Sat Jun 4 12:55:16 CDT 2011

ditto; I roast on 15 and force the cool when at the appropriate point, which
varies with bean variety.  Generally takes a few test roasts to figure out
where that point is.  Overloading the alpenrost will give you an uneven
roast; generally no more than 1 cup per load.

I find the weak link is the thermal cutoff switch; I've had 3 or 4
alpenrosts, and when they die that was always the cause.  No problems since
I learned how to replace it.


On Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 8:51 AM, Dave McCracken <dcm at mccr.org> wrote:

> On Saturday, June 04, 2011, you wrote:
> > A quick question: since the numbers on it don't change the temperature
> > - only the time - should I even bother worrying about which number to
> > use?  I know you can't see the roast, but you can hear it (and I
> > believe you can manually override it and automatically kick in the
> > cooling cycle), so I'm wondering if I should just crank it up and pay
> > attention.
> I had an Alpenrost for a few years (till the heating element burned out).
>  I
> always just cranked the time up and listened.  I usually roasted to the
> beginning of second crack.  The machine is not very noisy and it's easy to
> hear the cracks.
> Dave McCracken
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