[Homeroast] Just bought a Swissmar Alpenrost

john jxhn1969 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 10:00:24 CDT 2011

Hey all.

I used to do some roasting about 10 years ago (with a modified
popper), and then other things had to take priority.  Wanting to get
back into it, I got a great deal on an Alpenrost from somebody on
Craigslist.  I've read the pros and cons of it, and am hoping to use
this as a stepping stone toward getting something even better in the

A quick question: since the numbers on it don't change the temperature
- only the time - should I even bother worrying about which number to
use?  I know you can't see the roast, but you can hear it (and I
believe you can manually override it and automatically kick in the
cooling cycle), so I'm wondering if I should just crank it up and pay

If this isn't recommended, and you have experience with the Alpenrost,
what do you recommend as far as numbers go for particular beans?

Thanks for your help.  I'm excited to get back into this.  It's been a
long time coming.


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