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Wed Jun 1 14:05:33 CDT 2011

Nice  - it has great character! Now hopefully it doesn't attract tornados...


>When a Gaggia Factory came up for sale on CoffeeGeek, I jumped at the
>chance, so now I'm the proud owner of both a La Peppina open kettle spring
>lever and a Gaggia Factory (basically a La Pavoni Pro with a tin-man hat)
>manual lever with a closed boiler and steam wand.  The Factory is going to
>be more challenging as I have a PID on the La Peppina making it very
>temperature stable, but it should be a fun process to learn temperature
>management and pressure profiling by feel.  I was also lucky enough to find
>a new-in-box Hario Slim hand grinder at a thrift store and am using that at
>work for grinding for pour-over.  Here's some pictures:
>La Peppina and Gaggia Factory on a sideboard I found at a thrift store that
>I'll be refinishing (thinking of staining the wood with coffee):
>Gaggia Factory on the counter for some test shots:
>Commander Spock grinding up some Kenya at work on the Slim:
>As the deal with my Wife was to get the Gaggia Factory for my birthday, and
>that hasn't happened yet (didn't want to let anyone else get the jump on
>me), the factory is in the garage and will get minimal, if any use.  This
>will give me a chance to strip and re-finish the sideboard and get my coffee
>toys a better home.
>This weekend was pretty nice weather, so I made my first iced coffee, a
>Chemex / Kone extraction of a Kenya into ice which was a real treat.  Here's
>my standard recipe:
>*Chemex Iced Coffee*
>40 g Coffee
>283 g Water
>196 g Ice (~8 cubes)
>Anyone else getting new toys to play with or new coffee preps?
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